As a church community, we seek to:

Within our church family we aim to ‘Live the Mission of Jesus’ and be an active partner in the wider community of which we are part. We hear God’s call to pass on the good news of his love in Christ to a needy world.

Our objectives are:

  • to encourage everyone to grow to be more like Jesus, following him at all stages of their lives
  • to be open to being church in new ways and new places, while affirming and strengthening the old where it is still serving us well
  • to follow the example of Jesus, to bear witness to the God in whom we believe by serving in our working, social and community lives
  • to strive to make the best use of all that God has given us to build up his Kingdom

We appreciate:that:

  • the way we live is dynamic with people becoming busier and less formal
  • that the population in our parish is expanding significantly with advances in technology
  • we need to review how we communicate