Climate emergency declaration

We, the churches of Nursling and Rownhams recognise the urgent need for immediate, significant and effective action to protect God’s earth.

We acknowledge the well-documented, ongoing and increasing threats from climate change to all life and environments on our planet.

We call for world leaders and governments to take decisive actions for
the climate now.

We make these declarations so that our voices will be added to the
millions of others demanding urgent change in order to protect the air,
the rivers and seas, the forests, the flora & faunas, and the future of
the human race.

We, publicly declare a Climate Emergency!

We ourselves commit to continuing on our journey towards a Gold Eco
Church Award for St John’s Church and in particular we will investigate
ways of reducing our carbon footprint.

We also commit to encouraging every household represented in our church to engage with a website that helps them on their green journey