Boniface Bike Ride

Our church at Nursling is linked to the ministry of the 8th century Saint Boniface. He was born in Crediton Devon around 679AD and became a teacher at a monastery probably on the site of our church here in Nursling.
After many years at Nursling he was ordained at the age of 30, and set out for Friesland, northern Holland. St. Boniface devoted his life to evangelising Northern Europe from his base in Fulda, Germany until he was martyred in 754 at Dokkum in the Netherlands, aged 75. Our 3 bike rides have linked the 4 key places in Boniface’s life – Crediton, Nursling, Fulda & Dokkum. Crediton to Nursling in 2004, Hook of Holland to Dokkum in 2006, and Hook of Holland to Fulda in 2012. Read more about each ride on the links above.

and now in 2019 we are planning a re-run of the 2004 ride from Crediton to Nursling

Boniface bike Rides

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